The Challenge

Our project focused on developing a comprehensive marketing automation solution tailored for restaurants. The primary goal was to create a responsive web and mobile application that seamlessly integrated user-friendly interfaces with advanced marketing automation functionalities.

The Solution

Centralize Marketing

Provide Engagement Insights

Automate Campaigns

Ease Business Management

Our comprehensive solution is a transformative marketing automation tool, empowering restaurants to overcome industry-specific obstacles and elevate their marketing efforts in an increasingly competitive landscape. It allows restaurants to navigate the complexities of modern day marketing with ease and efficiency.


Interfaces Created

Across mobile, web, iOS, and Android



Across multiple locations

Comprehensive Business Management

Manage Restaurant Menu Items, Monitor Sales and Engagement, and Create and Maintain Social Media Posting

Easily Automate Marketing

Create and schedule recurring campaigns with customizable settings. Easily edit social media posts and receive strategic insights on how to create new ones.

The Why

In order to understand the needs of the users, we conducted multiple stakeholder interviews. They gave us tremendous insight into the frustrations of their industry.

  • Difficult to pivot between campaigns

  • Creating new campaigns was time consuming

  • Restaurant owners needed increased transparency

  • Marketing strategy was difficult to direct


In order to stay aligned with our findings, we created several personas to help guide our design decisions going forward. These personas covered the following target populations.

  • Restaurant Owners

  • Marketing Agencies


The Process

Building off of our personas, we mapped out the journey that users would take to solve their marketing issues. By doing this, we were able to locate the pain points in each of their processes, so that they could inform our design decisions.


The Design

Our next step was to shape our findings into actionable designs. Leaning on our user flows, UX principles

After multiple conversations with the clients and iterating on the designs, we were left with wireframes spanning several different platforms.

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