The Challenge

We were asked to redesign an application that our client used to connect with the healthcare industry. Being part of a sales team, they were always on the move and found it difficult to visualize their status with doctors and patients; their primary contacts.

The Solution

Save Time on Tasks

Improve Productivity

Reduce Training Time

Increase Overall Sales

Our solution – introduce an iPad application that would provide transparency to all parties involved, that could be accessed from anywhere.


Time Saved

per each individual job



with all HIPPA laws

Understanding the Issue

After fielding the complaints from the sales team, we organized our findings into the key issues we needed to tackle.

  • Difficult to register the previous device

  • Documenting patient information was tedious

  • Support was often needed

  • Application was not useable offline


After more conversations with the sales representatives, we began to understand their motives and daily process. We constructed personas from our findings to inform our design decisions and keep us on track.

The Design

This background provided us with valuable insights, and we felt confident to begin the design process. We created an application that simplified the jobs for all involved parties, and centralized all information needed so that outside sources were unnecessary.

Increase sales transparency

An intuitive UI provided better engagement with doctors, patients, and the sales team.

Connected Healthcare

Processes were simplified, and joined into an all inclusive platform.

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