The Challenge

How do you reduce six different tools into just one? Employees at this store needed six tools on their belt including a legacy device with barcode scanner, cordless phone, and two-way radio causing a cluttered and hassled experience for both employees and customers. Our goal – achieve a successful digital transformation that would satisfy multiple stakeholders, all with their own priorities.

The Solution

Improved Productivity

Reduce Time to Market

Reduce Errors

Ease Training Process

Our solution – create a device that could service all of the employees needs. Take an antiquated system, update it, and deliver a product that would ease the lives of everyone involved.




compared to the previous method



Where the product is used



All included and oriented toward different tasks

Understanding the Issue

Before we began our design process, we first identified the key issues that we needed to address.

  • Too many tools being used

  • Mundane tasks became tedious

  • Inventory was difficult to verify

  • Customers were waiting too long for help


In order to inform our design decisions, we needed to first understand our target users. Through interviews with store associates we were able to build the following two personas.

  • Primary audience: store associate

  • Secondary audience: store manager

The Process

It was time to visualize our process. In order to successfully combine all devices into one with all parties needs in mind, we drafted user flows to provide a blueprint for us. This way the information hierarchy would remain consistent across all screens.


The Design

After discovering what our users needed out of this product, we were sure to include the following functionalities: the ability to scan, work offline, visualize store needs, view inventory, receive job alerts, and anything else they would need while working the floor. This effectively eliminated the need for the cluttered toolbelt they were using previously, and tied it all into one device.


Real Time Visibility

Quick inventory management by integrated scanning feature.

Connected Retail

Time and labor costs actively saved. Intuitive interfaces allow employees to better engage with customers.

Nationwide Store Connections

Inventory management from other stores, allowing employees to direct customers to other locations that have their items in stock.

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