The Challenge

How do you help technicians and supervisors stay up to date with incoming jobs? How do you ensure that technicians are prepared for the job that they are assigned to?

The Challenge – answer these questions by deploying a UX research and design strategy to renovate their existing job intake process.

Understanding the Issue

Through interviews and conversations with our client, we were made aware of why a new system needed to be created. We boiled down their problems into the following key issues.

  • Technicians needed the ability to work offline

  • Incoming jobs needed more details provided

  • Assigning new tasks was difficult

  • Receiving updates on jobs was difficult


In order to visualize the process for the supervisor and technician, we mapped the user flow for each role. This way, we could empathize with each of their processes while we worked on the solutions.


The Solution

Connect Departments

Improve Productivity

Organize Incoming Jobs

Prepare Technicians Accordingly

Our Solution – Create an application for mobile and tablet that would strengthen the connection between technician and supervisor. We needed to ensure that the application complimented their current process rather than combat it.


The Design

Our design organized jobs based on flight departure time, and the schedules of the technicians. This structure helped prioritize the most important jobs and helped match them to the most qualified or currently available people.

Providing an offline mode allowed technicians to work on the go, in the hangar with the correct information easily accessible.


Completion of Jobs

Updating the technicians with the status of each job helps them and the supervisors plan accordingly, and respond to change easily.

Job Information and Availability

Highlighting the important aspects of each of the jobs allows the technicians to come prepared to every one.

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