The Challenge

How do you build consensus among a diverse group of stakeholders, including customers that are reluctant to make any changes? How do you ensure that you produce profits as planned?

The Challenge – answer all of these questions by deploying a UX research and design strategy to renovate their existing reservation applications.

Understanding the Issue

Through conversations with our client, we were told of the frustrations of the previous airline reservation system and the pushback they received when trying to change it. We boiled down their problems into the following key issues.

  • Slow and complicated reservation process

  • Information spread across different systems

  • Training lasted months

  • Offline / Online sync was an issue


The Solution

Save Time on Tasks

Improve Productivity

Reduce Errors

Gain New Business Opportunities

Our Solution – Create an all new, intuitive design that would streamline the reservation process. Create transparency where there previously was none, and combine their previous systems into a singular application.

By doing this, we would show beyond a shadow of a doubt, that change was necessary.


Reduced Errors

Compared to the previous system


Time Saved

in the reservation process


Sales Increase

multi-million dollar revenue difference

Clean and minimal design with a clear hierarchy

Highlighting the important aspects of the application, we made information easier to access and digest.

Consistent Design Structure

Usability and learnability were improved by implementing a consistent theme and functionality across the application.

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