The Challenge

Faced with a complicated and drawn out inspection process, create a new system to streamline their issues and make the lives of their employees easier. Through UX research and design, convince the stakeholders to let technology do the heavy lifting for them .

Understanding the Issue

After becoming familiar with this bank’s current process for inspecting their properties and the intricate legal requirements that needed to be met, we were able to identify some key problems that we needed to solve with our application.

  • Consulting local laws and regulations was time consuming

  • Extensive paperwork was required with each property

  • The training period was long and difficult to learn

  • Property inspection requirements were specific and difficult to track


The Solution

Digitize the Process

Improve Productivity

Reduce Training Time

Schedule Appointments with Ease

Our solution – introduce an iPad application that rolled all of the inspection requirements into one. We needed to provide the inspectors with everything that they would need.


The Design

Our design helped transition this business to the new digital age, making the lives of their employees exponentially easier. Handling appointments, following instructions, and meeting legal requirements were all large parts of our new application. This transparency we provided made the job easier to learn and preform, removing the need for extra paperwork and outside material.

Inspection Requirements Provided

Instead of referring back to other sources, inspection requirements and fields are all provided. This allows the employee to visualize the steps of the inspection much easier.

Easy Reference and Use

Our application provided instructions when taking photographs that would verify if it was taken correctly or not. This, combined with an easy reference legal guide made inspections a breeze.

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